This project is driven to explore a "New Heritage" influenced by the Russian Danndy, Diaghilev & Bakst and the spirit of Imperial Russia. I aimed to explore unexpected forms that examine the contradiction of uniformity and self expression. Deeply personal, ancestral narrative adds the legacy of my Great Grandfather who had a large printing business in pre-revolutionary Moscow. Abstract prints re-introduce a lost Cyrillic alphabet as well as photographic portraits from my family archives. The fusion of these diverse threads lead to a menswear collection that celebrates "The New Heritage".
Collaboration with H&M
Fashion industry is a powerful tool for creating a new philosophy around the most important issues and with sustainability being the focus of this project the final artistic piece was created viewing this topic through the lens of the creator. Fashion and art have always been deeply connected, but there is a fine line dividing them. I was given an opportunity to view mass-market items and see their value through the customer's perspective and the prism of painting and sculptural work. The harmonious colour palette was achieved through the challenging process of re-working and deconstructing the initial chaotic variety of colours from H&M box.The key idea of this project is an effort to change the standard view on our casual wardrobe and re-giving a new life to the clothes in a new format.
The main source of inspiration for this project came from the works of Mikhail Vrubel and Alexander Block’s poem «demon». This is a mythical story which tells about the expulsion from paradise of the spirit that wandered the earth for centuries. He does not feel either love or happiness and despises everything on earth. Later, he falls in love with a girl that subsequently dies from receiving secret knowledge that an insidious demon shared with her. This poem has a transparent biblical motif which is connected with the lapse of virtue and the perception of other worlds. That is why the dress combines in itself a spontaneous absorption from the side of darkness and loss of virgin beauty. The use of fabrics of different density and open parts of the body allows to combine dress and body into one piece.
Planetarium is a project that was driven into exploration of space. The research was focused on dreams of taking over the sky and going to the moon. Yves Klein became my muse for that period. He saw pure colour as an open window to freedom, as the possibility of being immersed in the immeasurable existence of colour. This feeling of being completely dipped into the dream of conquering other planets expanded my perception of existence on Earth. Colour became my language and fabrics became my tools. This project shows my perception of the future in a space, where body limitations do not exist. Clothes eventually become your shelter and function in various ways.

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